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Low-Cost Flight From Cairo to Jeddah For only $139

Do you planning a trip to Jeddah. We got your airplane tickets. We look many travel agency’s website for tickets. Now you can fly from Cairo to Jeddah with Flynas. Flynas is a one of the successful low cost airline company in Saudi Arabia. You can trust them. Enjoy your Flight!

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Cairo to Jeddah Flight by Best Low Cost Airline

Cairo to Jeddah flight prices
Travel Date:

October 2020

Sample Dates:
5 October, Flight                 
21 October, Flight 
6 October, Flight                 
22 October, Flight
7 October, Flight                 
23 October, Flight
8 October, Flight                
19 October, Flight

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Cairo to Jeddah

Baggage policy:

7 kg Carry-on baggage is included in the fare.

30 kg baggage included.

Airline Company:


Where to Book:


Where is Jeddah?



City is in the Saudi Arabia and on the shore of the Red Sea.Jeddah is the biggest port in Hejaz Region. City developed after World War 2. They have magnificent Red Sea. Red Sea provide many things to this amazing city.

Places to See

Cairo to Jeddah guide

Al Shallal Theme Park, Atallah Happy Land Park: 2 huge amusement park that you can go crazy. Watch sunset at  Silver Sands Beach. King Fahd’s Fountain this is a amazing show. You don’t believe what they do with just water. At Fakieh Aquarium you can swim with the adorable dolphins, that’s very cute.

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