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Kuwait to Istanbul Best Round Trip Deal for $167 by Pegasus Airlines

Kuwait to Istanbul cheapest flight deal ever! We find cheapest plane tickets for you. In October fly with budget to travel Turkey. We set 7 days gap between tickets. For sure you can change dates but this are the cheapest dates. Fly safe with Pegasus Airlines. Pegasus Airlines known by their reasonable fairs. Istanbul waits for you!

Beirut to Dubai Round Trip Flight for $234 by Flydubai

Kuwait to Istanbul Fly with Cheapest Fare

Travel Date:

October 2020

Sample Dates:
12 to 19 October, Flight 
6 to 13 October, Flight 
14 to 21 October, Flight 
8 to 15 October, Flight 

You can change the dates but this dates are the cheapest.


Kuwait to Istanbul, round trip flight

Baggage policy:
Carry-on bag included
Airline Company:

Pegasus Airlines

Where to Book:



Istanbul “Center of Civilizations”


Ä°stanbul has a history that based on thousands of years. Historians says, first settlement in Istanbul was built in B.C 7th century. When  Roman Republic rule this amazing lands it known  as  Byzantium. That name changes after Roman Empire. Constantinople, is the name Roman Empire gave to their capital city. In 1453 Second Mehmet, took city from  Byzantine Empire with huge siege. You can see some of wall ruins from Byzantine Empire. After Ottomans took city they call it Istanbul. From now on Istanbul, Turkey’s one of the most beautiful city welcomes millions of tourists. This article is short summary of Istanbul. You can see history by yourself in Istanbul.

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