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Beirut to Najaf Best Flight Deal for $199 by Middle East Airlines

Need a plane ticket for Beirut to Najaf? We found the cheapest deal in August. For only $199. Fly with Middle East Airlines. They are birds of the Middle East, safe and reliable. We search for every travel agency for these tickets and the cheapest ones on Skyscanner. We gave you the links below this post.

Abu Dhabi to Cairo Cheapest Flight Deal by Etihad Airways for $152


Beirut to Najaf Amazing Flight Deal

Travel Date:

August 2020

Sample Dates:
    4 August, Flight 
   11 August, Flight 
   13 August, Flight 
   15 August, Flight 

These dates are the cheapest! Flight deals can change by time. Don’t worry if the prices are more. Try hidden tab because Airline companies use cookies to see click traffic on flights, if click rate is high they can increase prices.


Beirut to Najaf

Baggage policy:
Carry-on bag included
Airline Company:

Middle East Airlines

Where to Book:



Best Places to See While You’re in Najaf

The Imam Ali Mosque

This amazing mosque is settled in center of Najaf. The people of Najaf are mostly Muslim. They visit this mosque frequently for pray. Mosque has two huge minarets.The dome is very shiny. There is always lots of people. You can see how they pray. Don’t forget to visit this beautiful place.

Najaf Sea

They call it sea but it’s not a sea. This is lake. Area of this lake is 336 square kilometers. The sunset of this place is amazing. Your eyes won’t believe it! This lake is so important to farmers. Lake surrounded by deserts and semi deserts. Lake provide many things to people and people loves that lake.

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